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Wellness – for lungs and respiratory tract!




Earth – Water – Air – Light
regenerating, natural stimulation for the immune system

 “Once upon a time, back in the day"
A powerful place gives nature its meaning

As early as the late 1950’s, the former landlord of the “Eggerkeller sat in the so-called “Rock Cellar”  (Felsenkeller) with guests who were suffering from asthma, whooping cough and hay fever so that they could take soothing “air baths”.

Later, the “Egger Felsenkeller” was used mainly for tapping the naturally cooled barrels of a hugely popular beer.

You now have the chance to rediscover the gentle path of “free breathing”, where the purity of the air improves health.

Felsenkeller as a source of energy - SPA
„Sanitas Per Aquam“

Scientific studies and practical experience have shown that the enrichment of air with negative ions brings about a substantial increase in concentration, vigour, inner peace and joie de vivre.

The increased concentration of negative atmospheric ions in the circulating air of the Rock Cellar not only stimulates the immune system, but can substantially alleviate symptoms in allergy sufferers.

The interrelationship of man and nature

The knowledge of the sensitive, vegetative reaction of man to special energies and the fine, invisible qualities of places and natural locations is “rock-solid”.

This was proven by Vienna's University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences and the Joanneum Research Vienna using the "Heartman”; a medical device that has been tested in space. ORF – Wissenschaft, NEWTON

Your personal fountain of youth in a natural micro-climate for body, mind and soul

 “...negatively charged atmospheric ions – the real active components of our vital oxygen”, have a calming effect on the autoimmune system and a positive effect on human vitality.

With appropriate inhalation time, the entire organism is noticeably strengthened and supported in the natural process of coping with allergy symptoms.

Optimal for people who suffer from respiratory tract illnesses. Ideal stress reduction for people experiencing BURN OUT syndrome.

After just a few sessions in the Felsenkeller, 95% of our guests confirm a decrease of their symptoms, as well as an increase in general well-being and physical fitness.

Wellness – for the lungs and respiratory tract
Basic information

The temperature of the Felsenkeller lies between 8-10°C all year round, with a relative humidity of 99% — near the degree of saturation. Suspended matter and allergens, which are omnipresent in the outside air, are bound and held as condensation on the damp rock walls. The warmer the air, the more water vapour it can absorb. Although the air in the Felsenkeller is, relatively speaking, almost completely saturated with water vapour, in absolute terms, very little water is contained in the air due to the relatively low temperature. If during inhalation this air warms up to 37°C body temperature, the respiratory air can still absorb a great deal of water before it is saturated. This water is then extracted from the mucous membranes during the passage of air through the afferent respiratory tracts. As a result, swellings subside, and the bronchi can recover and strengthen their natural defenses.

In the Felsenkeller, you will find the very purest respiratory air and YOU will breathe “f r e e l y” again! Pure air is a supporting pillar of health and well-being, and there are other factors that enhance the pleasure that this air and the special climate of the Felsenkeller bring…

Felsenkeller can be reached directly from the hotel.

Enjoy the soothing atmosphere, the peace and quietentirely relaxed in comfortable deckchairs, wrapped in cozy blankets in the Felsenkeller. Just the patter of water…dropping from natural, undisturbed stalactites…

 “A kiss from the muse – and everything flows”
Then as now, for our hotel guests starting from three nights:

FREE OF CHARGE, because WE think YOU are worth it!


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